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Zucchini omelette

Zucchini omelette

Zucchini omelette recipe from of 24-04-2013 [Updated on 20-06-2013]

The zucchini omelette was my light dinner last night, my mum bought some new ceramic pans and I wanted to test their non-stick properties before buying them too and what better test than an omelette? Well, test passed, the zucchini omelette came out very well and did not stick at all so during the week I will buy the ceramic pans too: D Tomorrow my long weekend begins, on Friday we decided not to open the office and therefore I will take advantage of these 4 days to enjoy it a little bit by going around with big love and little love, so I greet you so I am going to finish the last things to close the working week, kisses


How to make zucchini omelette

Wash and trim the courgettes, then cut them into thin slices

In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the Parmesan, the chopped basil, salt and pepper

Add the courgettes and mix

In a non-stick pan (if you are not sure about non-stick, add a drizzle of oil to the bottom of the pan) pour the egg and courgette mixture into it

Cook the omelette over moderate heat for about 5 minutes, then with the help of 2 spatulas turn the omelette and cook it on the other side as well

Lift and serve

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